Our Story


Nicole and Chandra are sisters, best friends, and the faces behind Reverie Threads. They come from a large family of 6 kids and know what it's like to have a beautifully messy life. They are very passionate about promoting goodness and positivity into the world. They absolutely love fashion for children and are so grateful you are here.

In 2012, Chandra was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 26, as a young wife and mother. She has battled it four times in the past 10 years and was on cancer preventative medicine that prevented her from carrying her future babies. Nicole selflessly offered to surrogate for Chandra and her husband. Chandra was thrilled and incredibly grateful, but they soon realized how expensive the surrogacy process would be, which discouraged them. Nicole came up with the idea to start a baby shop to help create a surrogacy fund. And so they did!

Tragically, on January 16th, 2023, Chandra passed away, leaving behind a profound legacy. Her spirit continues to inspire and guide Reverie Threads. Nicole, while grieving the loss of her beloved sister, feels Chandra's presence with her every day. She knows that Chandra is now with God, and she believes in a future reunion—an epic reunion that will warm their hearts and souls.

Chandra's strength, courage, and unwavering faith carried her through the most challenging times. She believed in the power of healing through God's miracles, and her hope, positivity, light, and faith shone brightly. Throughout her journey, she found immense support from her family, friends, and most importantly, her Heavenly Father.

Reverie Threads is deeply grateful for the love and support they have received, and they want to acknowledge that you—each and every customer—have been a part of Chandra's journey. By shopping with them, you have contributed to her access to the best doctors and treatments. Every purchase has helped pave a pathway for Chandra to be present with her Family and Live the rest of her life to it's fullest, and in the most intentional and loving way possible.

The team at Reverie Threads cannot express their gratitude enough for your continued support. They hope you enjoy browsing their beautifully curated collection of the cutest apparel for your little ones. Thank you for being a part of Chandra's story and for joining Nicole in honoring her sister's memory as they continue to spread goodness, positivity, and love through Reverie Threads.

Chandra's unwavering faith in Jesus Christ has been a tremendous source of inspiration for all of us at Reverie Threads. One of her favorite designs, the "Jesus Loves You" Onesie, holds a special place in her heart, as she wanted to share her faith with the world. We invite you to explore and shop this cherished design by following this link. https://reveriethreads.com/products/jesus-loves-you-bodysuit?variant=31734088499272

Chandra's Last Testimony she wrote is incredible. Read below: 

"I believe it's my calling to share and shout from the rooftop to you that JESUS IS THE CHRIST. He is the light and the way. Come unto him and you will find a joy that is beyond measure. Going through life is so difficult especially if you don't have God by your side. I would have never imagined having this much joy, peace and true happiness while my body is dying. I love my life and there's so much to be grateful for. I promise you if you bring your heartaches and your pains to the Lord, he will carry you. I'm living proof of that. Not once have I felt the Lord leave me through this journey and I'm
• eternally grateful for the strength he gives me. He carries me. If you don't feel worthy to come to God, more reason to come unto Him. He wants to hear from you."

Watch her cancer story video below